( n e r v e l e a k )
Nerve Leak - Alone (Rough Sketch)
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// rough sketch of a new tune ::: very sloppy atm ::: pls forgive //

When I heard you say you no longer felt the same, everything fell away. I was more alone than I could ever even say—by now, you should know. Every single word came crashing down on me when you left me to drown. I could hardly speak ‘cause the ocean in my throat held me down, thanks to you.

Nerve Leak - Disconnected
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New song I’m working on — hopefully coming along!

d i s c o n n e c t e d //

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Here’s a loop for ya! Needs vocals and more, etc.

Nerve Leak - Hurt // You
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New song in the works!!



FKA Twigs | Dazed Vol IV

Summer music.

Summer music.

Nerve Leak - Summer Frame
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Wet clothes cling to my summer frame.

My heart is a storm caught in a wave.

I promised I would change,

but I’m still the same…

Nerve Leak - My Fault
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Our hearts like moths / / chew through the fabric __ of this love, this love.

We’re failing at the start / / of it all, and I know __ that it’s all my fault.

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if you should go

and we don’t last

then I won’t follow

cause I’d break

like glass

Wow—I am so grateful to be featured on RageTracks.com for their artist spotlight series! In addition to a brief interview, I made a special hour-long mix for them, including: a Biggie Smalls remix I did, a collab track I made with Ochtone, several tunes I’ve had on repeat lately, and more.

If you’re interested, you can stream and download the mix for free—I tried to make it eclectic, so hopefully there is a tune in there just for you.